Larry Palmer

Vestry 2017-2019, Buildings and Grounds

Fall Clean Up

Sunday, November 13

Our Annual Fall Cleanup Day will be held on Sunday November 13th.

We will have our normal two services.

The clean up will take place after the 10:30am service

Pizza lunch will be served following the clean up

Rectory Work

Cliff Cernek

Several folks from the congregation have completed a review of the rectory in preparation for Debbie and Brad moving into it in September, and we have developed the Rectory Readiness List.  The rectory is generally in good shape, but after having been mostly empty for almost two years, it needs some attention.  We have scheduled the next two Sundays(July 31 and August 7) after our 9AM service to work on the rectory, but also plan to use the remaining Sundays in August, and also other days.  There will probably be some overflow into September.



Our Building has many needs!

From the boiler room, to the sanctuary, there are always upkeep and repairs needed. 

If you are good at making small or larger repairs, the Administration Committee could use your help!




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