Santa Sack Ingathering

Sunday, December 11

Sunday December 11th is the day to bring your Santa Sacks to Church!!

Mother Debbie will bless them at the 10:30am service and they will be distributed right after!

Fall Clean Up

Sunday, November 13

Our Annual Fall Cleanup Day will be held on Sunday November 13th.

We will have our normal two services.

The clean up will take place after the 10:30am service

Pizza lunch will be served following the clean up

Project Thanks

Sunday, November 19

It’s that time to kick off the Holiday Season. Project Thanks is on November 19th this year. For those of you not familiar with Project Thanks this has been a tradition at St Mary’s for over 30 years.

Family Promise

Tuesday, April 25 to Tuesday, May 2

What is Family Promise?

Adult Forum

Sunday, September 18

Earlier this year the on behalf of Rev. Andersen, the Vestry granted a $500 gift ot Habitat for Humanity. 

One of the promises we made was that we would have an adult forum with Habitat for Humanity to learn more about the valuable service they provide the residents of Sussex County.

This Sunday, a representative from Sussex County Habitat for Humanity to speak to us about how they work in Sussex County.

So come to Church at 9am, have a quick breakfast, grab a cup of coffee and come to the double classroom for this informative session. 

Rectory Work

Cliff Cernek

Several folks from the congregation have completed a review of the rectory in preparation for Debbie and Brad moving into it in September, and we have developed the Rectory Readiness List.  The rectory is generally in good shape, but after having been mostly empty for almost two years, it needs some attention.  We have scheduled the next two Sundays(July 31 and August 7) after our 9AM service to work on the rectory, but also plan to use the remaining Sundays in August, and also other days.  There will probably be some overflow into September.


A Concert at St. Mary's!

Friday, May 27
Start your Memorial Day Weekend off in Patriotic Fashion!

Adult Forum - Family Promise

Sunday, April 3

St. Mary's Outreach will be holding an Adult Forum tomorrow. Sunday April 3, 2016 9:15-10:15am in the Double Classroom


Theresa McDevitt, Case Manager for Family Promise will be here to discuss the Family Promise program.



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