Santa Sacks

Santa Sacks is an annual outreach project of St. Mary's.  In early November, area residents who receive assistance due to their income are asked to submit a list of items they would like for Christmas. Clothing, personal hygiene products, and food cards are the most popular items requested.  In mid-November, sacks are distributed to members of the St. Mary's Congregation, who choose a wish list and then purchase the items requested, filling the sack. During our Advent III service, the sacks are brought to St. Mary's, where they are blessed and then distributed to the recipients. 


Upcoming Events

Outreach project
Sunday, October 28:
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Saturday, November 17:
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Sunday, November 18:
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Sunday, December 9:
Santa Sacks is an annual Holiday Outreach program of St. Mary's. During the month of November, Church Members agree to take a sack, and a list from an area resident in need. (The lists typically ask for clothing and hygenic needs.) Read more