The St. Mary's Children's Garden

Cliff Cernek


A 3-Tier Adventure into the “WONDERS OF NATURE”

Tear 1 Update:  The Children's garden is 90% complete. The Jennings have GIVEN (G1) their time and love for nature towards creating the garden for our children.

Location:  back of church.  See it from the chapel.

Tear 2: I am looking for GIFTS (G2) for the children in the form of “DONATIONS” of the following items:


  1. Approximately 5 large bags of potting soil,

                                   2.) Medium size decorative rocks (flooring) for the garden

                                   3.) Chimes (they make angel music)

                                   4.) Garden statues.


 Ahhhhh, the vale your “GIFT" will bring to our planned lessons this summer.


>>> Starting Sunday June 8th - the children's classroom time will take place in the garden (weather permitting). We will have Garden Time after service for those of you who want to come play.<<<<<<


GIFTS DROP-OFF:   Your donations may be dropped off near the garden for the kid’s ease of transport.


For Questions or Suggestions call Claudia at (973)222-8335 or email: