Rectory Work

Cliff Cernek

Several folks from the congregation have completed a review of the rectory in preparation for Debbie and Brad moving into it in September, and we have developed the Rectory Readiness List.  The rectory is generally in good shape, but after having been mostly empty for almost two years, it needs some attention.  We have scheduled the next two Sundays(July 31 and August 7) after our 9AM service to work on the rectory, but also plan to use the remaining Sundays in August, and also other days.  There will probably be some overflow into September.


Several items will require professional help, but many of the items are able to be done by the congregation, either by groups, or by individuals.  The tables below have been broken down into items for July 31, August 7, and then August and September without any specific dates.  The July 31 items are primarily inside items, and the August 7 are a mix of inside and outside items.


It will take many hands to get all the items done, but we know that the congregation will come together in this effort to prepare the rectory.  We have reviewed the rectory and the List with Debbie, and she is impressed with the condition of the rectory, and the List we are undertaking.  She has commented on several occasions that the condition of our buildings and grounds demonstrate our love for St. Mary’s.


Please review the attached tables, and email Dan Riley( with the items that you would like to work on.  We need this information so that we can organize who is working on which projects, and to make sure all the projects get done, and to arrange for lunch for the volunteers on July 31 and August 7.  Although general/specific dates have been put on some items, those are a general guideline and are flexible.  i.e. If you want to work on a July 31 item on August 7, that’s fine.  The key is to get all the items done by the time Debbie and Brad move in.


We will provide some supplies for the work, but would appreciate it if you would bring the supplies you will need for the items you have chosen to work on.  Thanks very much for contributing to what we hope will be a congregation wide effort this Sunday, and other Sundays and other days in August and September.


Let me us know if you have any questions or suggestions.


Andy Lopez,  732-841-7927

Dan Riley,   914-980-5734


Here is a link to the work that needs to be done at the rectory: