Outreach Grant To Be Awarded

The Outreach Committee of St. Mary’s will be awarding $25,000 to a deserving project initiative in Sussex County that best represents the mission of its congregation: to serve the needs of others.  Any program that works to provide relief, support, or furthers initiatives in the areas of education, feeding, and housing for the underserved, will be considered for this grant.

The proposal form and grant proposal cover sheet will be made available on October 15th.  It may either be downloaded from the St. Mary’s website, www.stmaryssparta.org under Forms and Downloads in the Resources tab on the home page, or available by calling the church office at 973-729-3136.  

The deadline for the application request is November 14th.  Applications received after the deadline or are returned to St. Mary’s incomplete, will not be considered.  No more than 15% of this award should be designated to general administrative costs, and the project must be in Sussex County.  The grant award will be announced by March 31st, 2014.